Five Days With a Philips Airfryer – Day 5: Back to Basics

I know this post is late. I know this post is almost a full week late as I really should have put it up last Friday. However I’m the kind of person who can turn denial and procrastination into an art and come up with an unassailable justification for said procrastination and denial. For instance, I could say that I undertook to blog on five days with an Airfryer, not five consecutive days with an Airfryer.

Ah, language, I can always twist you to suit my needs.

What was I in denial about, you may ask? Well, quite simply that my time with the demo Airfryer was coming to an end. That thing made my life so much easier, it really did. Dinner was as simple as shoving some ingredients into it, and by the time I’d put down my handbag and kicked off my shoes there was that “ping!” letting me know my dinner was ready.

So, for my final meal with the Airfryer, I went back to basics and cooked bacon.

Let me explain – bacon and I have what you might call a special relationship. Bacon loves me, this I know. If scientists are to be believed that fat, sugar and salt in the right quantities make food addictive, then bacon is nature’s perfectly addictive food. Yes, yes, I know it was helped along by people curing pork belly (don’t worry, I’m not going to pull a Chrissy Teigen and try to make my own bacon). But my point is this: bacon is perfection. Unless you cook it wrong.

So while having bacon as my final challenge seems like a deceptively simple task, it was the one I was going to judge most strictly.

Making the bacon was ridiculously simple, though. I stuck some rashers in the Airfryer and ground some black pepper over them:


Let them cook at 200* for 3 minutes before flipping them over:


Then cooked them for a further 2 minutes at 180*:


Before serving the bacon atop English muffins with scrambled eggs:


The bacon. Was. Perfect.

Absolutely perfect. The fat was perfectly rendered without my having to use a bit of oil to do so, the bacon was crisp without being overdone or chewy. There was absolutely no grease on the bacon rashers, and looking at the drip tray that made perfect sense as the amount of fat in there was disgusting.

I will confess that I’m salivating a little bit right now at the memory of the bacony goodness.

The only problem is the Airfryer could only comfortably accommodate four rashers, although in my case, this is probably a good thing cos I could easily eat a whole pack of bacon singlehanded. Yes, you read that right – a whole pack. Even though it occasionally fails me, self control is a beautiful thing.

And that’s it, good people. Looks like my week with the Airfryer managed to convert me so I’ll need to get myself one ASAP. Thanks to Thandeka for arranging for my loan and introducing me to the Airfryer; it was plenty of fun.

Until next time, yours in baconness,


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2 thoughts on “Five Days With a Philips Airfryer – Day 5: Back to Basics

  1. Thandeka

    This obsession of yours with bacon – SMH!!

  2. Bacon!! *runs to the brand new airfryer and dumps bacon in*

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